Sunday, September 13, 2009

Welcome to the Hangover Cafe

Today, my friends and I were sprawled on the living room floor, watching Sunday morning football and clutching our empty, nauseated stomachs. Each of us tried to convince the other to go out and pick up lunch for the rest of us. If only there was a one stop shop where we could pick up all of our comforting hangover cure foods in a single swoop. I'd like pho with a side of hamburger, I joked.

I'd call it the Hangover Cafe. The lighting would be muted, the music would be soft. All orders would come with a side of Advil and a gallon of water. Is there such a place in real life?! I googled the phrase. The only thing bearing the same name was a rock radio station show ( To my knowledge, there is no real "Hangover Cafe"!

My hangover cafe menu would include the following:

Chicken soup
Dumplings with vinegar
Scrambled eggs
Eggs over easy
Soon du bu
Hae jang gook
Bim bim bap

Different dishes to please every palate and every culture. Yum!

What is your ultimate hangover cure food?

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