Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sumac, the lab and pitbull terrier mix!

I've been scouring petfinder for several months. I've tagged a few animals but this is the one that I keep going back to...

The description is from the petfinder website:

"When I'm with my human family I love to be their sidekick. I have fun with other dogs, but have much more fun doing training and playing with my people. Training is my favorite game. I have had a really good start in life after I got to my foster home and know that good behavior gets me good rewards. Treats are fine and all, but my favorite reward is your love! I love to play with my ropes and sometimes with balls, but my favorite toys are always the ones that you'll play with me with. I'm not too picky! I make my family laugh when I am able to predict when I need a bath. I LOVE to play, but I know I get pretty dirty sometimes. I'm pretty self-aware of my hygiene because when I get to the point where I need a bath, I walk right up to the tub and jump in. It's like magic--when I jump in, my humans clean me! I love baths and feeling so fresh afterward! My favorite game with my canine friends is chase, although I do like to play tug sometimes with my older foster sister. Like I said earlier, though, I do prefer the humans. When the other dogs get to play in the yard together for playdates, I prefer to sit on the porch and get love from the people. Other types of animals I've met include cats and a turkey and when I interact with them I am curious, but keep my distance. Sometimes I like to play kitty cleaning time where the cat and I lick each others faces. I only do that with the friendly cat, though--the other cat doesn't like me very much, so I'm pretty respectful and I give her the space she needs. Trust me, I'm working on the potty thing. People tell me that Im more adoptable if I know things. Here are the commands that Ive already learned - my name, sit, lay down, stay, off, out, leave it, shake, touch, and wave. Right now I'm working on learning 'sit pretty', where I sit up on my back legs and a 'roll over'. I LOVE LOVE LOVE training. It's my favorite and whoever adopts me would have a great time continuing that with me. I know a good amount of commands, but I also know my manners like walking well on leash, sitting and waiting for my meals, and always sitting and staying quiet if I need something. My foster family knows me pretty well and they think the perfect family for me would be one that would like to learn more about training with me. I am a VERY quick learner and would love to do doggy sports classes someday if you'll let me. My foster family also thinks you should be prepared for a cuddler--that's what they say I am! Geez - I almost forgot to tell you that when I came into our program I was only one week old and very very sick. Me, my mom, and my littermates had a bad skin infection and my mom didn't have any milk for us. We got into a foster homes, and were brought back to great health. I'm now very, very healthy, but I do still have skin that is a little sensitive. All that means is when you give me baths, the shampoo shouldn't be too strong and that sort of thing."

How can you not go "awwwwwwwwww" from a description like that?!!!! I think I'm in love!

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