Saturday, March 12, 2011

skip down memory lane

Last night, I got it into my head that it was time to Get Rid Of More Things! Namely, the busted laptop that's been languishing in my metal cabinet for, like, forever. I downloaded all my files onto an external hard drive and started organizing. Sitting there on the floor, legs splayed on carpet, back against the bed. Every picture and music snippet and academic paper uncovering collegiate and early-law-school Sharon.

It was truly hilarious and wrenching and fun. Whimsical query: Why did I download Hypnotic Clambake? Laughing: Why did I have so many songs about pirates? Faintly surprised: I guess I went through a serious ska punk period. Amused: How many times did I really watch Boondock Saints? In passing: Galactic's Crazyhorse Mongoose reminds me of drinking hot tea on a cold day. Mild annoyance: 38 Special conjures up images of outlining on LRC's first floor and trying to ignore the noises around me. Painful: Does Grandaddy, The Get Up Kids, and certain songs still sound the same way they used to, when I was raw as an unpeeled onion? And on and on.

The pictures were hard on the eyes. I looked really happy in some of the photos.

I wondered and I still wonder if things would ever be the way they were again.

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