Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Some of the Jobs that I Applied to Today

My leftover student loans and current part-time job leaves me with barely enough money for gas and food, so it's up to me to find a way to make that paycheck stretch for longer. I've been looking for another temporary job to hold me over and I'm starting to get desparate.

I hope that divulging this information won't come back to haunt me, but it's too funny to pass up. I think this is a testament to my hilarious (non)employment situation: Some of the Jobs that I Applied to Today (and no, I did not apply to these jobs in jest).

1. Groomer at dog daycare center
2. International hostel graveyard shift security guard
3. Mexican gift shop employee
4. Yacht worker

Sometimes I feel like my life is a nonstop sitcom played for laughs.

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Suzanna said...

Good thing you're not in the Actor's Guild, cuz I found something for you on Craigslist:
Non-Union Commercial Actors, infants and up, for local and regional commercials and infomercials.