Wednesday, August 5, 2009


My original plan was to begin my part-time job last Monday, as soon as I was done with the bar. I'd take a weekend off to relax, and then get my life right back on track. However, my career counselor and several former classmates urged me to take at least a week off. You're probably feeling burned out, they said. You need a break. My career counselor promptly sent me home and told me not to come back for a week. "You need to learn how to relax," she said. "You law students and your type-A personalities. Not everything in life is go-go-go."

So while our dean sets the funding process into place, I've got a few weeks to do this thing called "relax." When I was studying and working and dreaming of a chance to take a breather, I wrote a list of things I'd do if I had free time. And guess what? I've already run through most of the list. At this rate, I will be able to write contracts in Chinese by December.

There are so many worse things in the world than to be bored on a beautiful Wednesday. That's a luxury that most people can't afford.

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