Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I have a New York story for you.

I'm in New York for a week, visiting an old friend who just moved here recently. While she works during the day, I've been exploring the city on my own. Today I wandered the Financial District and decided to go somewhere else. I ducked into a subway stop and waited on the platform.

I watched as the man in front of me walked toward the edge of the train tracks and knelt down to tie his shoes.

He slipped and tumbled into the train tracks.

People started running towards the stairs because they knew what was coming.

There was no time to react. The train was only a few feet away from him. We could only watch in helpless horror and disbelief as he struggled to squeeze himself against the track edge to avoid the oncoming train. I will never forget the look on his face. The train hit him with a giant thud. Sparks flew. People around me were screaming and crying.

I'm not sure what happened afterward because I found myself wandering the streets in a daze with a wet face. I haven't had time to digest this so I will write more later.

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suzanna said...

oh my gosh... my stomach just dropped after reading this. That is HORRIBLE.