Saturday, March 21, 2009

happy birthday to me

I am 26 now.

I celebrated by snowboarding. I used to tumble down the mountains like a rag doll. Now I carve like a maniac.

The best part about turning 26 is knowing that each year is going to outdo the next. There are still so many good things and good people to look forward to. I want to see my grandma at my graduation. I want to begin my career, travel to Asia, and visit my sister in Michigan. I am looking forward to more snowboarding trips.


Meggy_FFW said...

Happy birthday, sweetheart.

I live in Michigan! Where is your sister?


sharon said...

She's going to your school starting fall 2010 for pharmacy. Can you believe it? We are all so proud and amazed. She is so grown up now.