Sunday, October 17, 2010

in-class writing exercise and recent obsession

In-class writing exercise from last week: write three things about yourself. They can either be two true things and one false thing or one true thing and two false things.

1) My great-grandfather courted and married four different women - successively, not all at once. My grandmother adored him anyway, even though she grew up without a father. Now she's a hoarder.

2) My sister is married to a cheap car salesman. Last Christmas, my parents and I received oil change coupons and matching clogs from him. We don't like him.

3) My dad left my mother at the altar on her wedding day because he got cold feet. She was devastated and would not leave her bedroom for two weeks. Apparently, she forgave him.


"Ordinary People" by John Legend moves my heart in embarrassing ways. When he sings "though it's not a fantasy, I still want you to stay", my chest always jumps into my throat.

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